New Patients Are Always Welcome!

SmileVille Dental welcomes patients of all ages. We pride ourselves on providing award-winning patient care, comfort and quality dentistry. New patients are always welcome!


What to expect during your new patient exam

Your initial appointment will usually consist of a complete evaluation including necessary x-rays, periodontal exam, thorough tooth exam, TMJ, bite evaluation and head/neck evaluation.

Most often patients value establishing a relationship with their Stouffville dentist. Dr. Nar Daljeet enjoys and takes the time to get to know you -the person behind the smile so to speak.

Sometimes a new patient will come with an acute dental emergency. In that case, we will address the acute issue first and then recommend follow up treatment to restore your dental health.

All new patients receive a customized treatment plan which outlines the steps needed to keep your dental health at its optimum and maintain a beautiful, bright smile. We’ll work with you to arrange comfortable financial arrangements and try to maximize your insurance benefits.


How your dental insurance works:

Yearly Maximum: You pay monthly for your dental insurance and then most dental insurers allot a certain amount of money per year you can use.  When you don’t use that money, you lose it. It will not roll over to the next year.

Deductible: Your deductible is the portion of your dental bill you must pay before your benefit plan will contribute. The amount varies by insurer, but you will want to maximize the treatment you get before your deductible starts over with the new year.

Give us a call to schedule your appointment by the end of the year! We have new, extended hours that make fitting your dental appointment in with your busy schedule even easier!